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A Bow Hunting Professional Hunter must be a registered Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism hunting professional with an additional bow-hunting qualification from MET.

“bow hunting guide” means any professional hunter, master hunting guide or hunting guide, as the case may be, registered as a bow hunting guide under regulation 108B.

Ensure that the concession hunt areas have been inspected and registered as a bowhunt property and attained a registration certificate from MET in order to conduct legal trophy bow hunting safaris.

Namibia law stipulates that all hunters hunting with bow and arrow must at all times during the bowhunt be fully guided by a Namibian registered bowhunting PH, up to a maximum of two hunters can hunt simultaneously per professional hunter.

A maximum of two animals from the same species are allowed to be hunted per hunt season and per bowhunter, bowhunting in Namibia is only legal for the sake of trophy hunting which means hunting for meat even for local hunters is not allowed in Namibia.

The Namibia Trophy season for hunting with archery gear runs from:
February 01 until November 30.

No Trophy hunting may take place between the hours of half an hour after sunset and half and hour before sunrise.

The following dangerous game animals can by law NOT be hunted with bow and arrow in Namibia:  Buffalo – Crocodile – Elephant – Hippo – Lion – Leopard - Rhino

Importing and hunting with a Cross-Bow is illegal in Namibia.

Hunting professionals should comply with all the Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) trophy-hunting regulations. All Trophy hunted animals must attain the minimum points of trophy quality set forth by the MET minimum measure system in Namibia protecting trophy hunters from harvesting immature trophy animals. Exceptions are allowed only with conservation harvesting programmes, old, setback and abnormal trophies.


VIERANAS SAFARIS will on your behalf assist and arrange for your valid Bowhunting game trophy hunt licence, prior to your arrival in Namibia.  Each individual bowhunter will have a permit issued in his or her, own name regardless of age.

In order to export your trophies from Africa, Namibia a legal Bowhunting Trophy Permit must clearly display the BOWHUNTING stamp as issued by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The hunt permit must be completed in full by the bowhunting client and the hunting professional before the end of each hunt and your departure from Namibia (wounded or lost animals must also be indicated on the permit)

Bow-hunting in Namibia is guided by the Code of Conduct as set out below:

  • Hunting to take place on the principles of fair chase, as defined hereunder.
  • When bow-hunting, the hunter makes use of stalking as well as lying in ambush
  • Use of correct hunting methods and equipment to harvest animals in the least traumatic way possible
  • Bow-hunters should practice and train continuously to enhance their bowman ship.
  • They have to abide by the relevant laws, other legal requirements and recognized codes of conduct.
  • They must actively enhance the survival of wildlife populations, protection of biodiversity and the promotion of sustainable utilization.
  • Ensure humane practices in the utilization of wildlife.
  • Engage at all times in fair and honest , practices
  • Educate others regarding the benefits of sustainable use, conservation procedures and the ethics of hunting.
  • Recognize indigenous rural community needs relating to sustainable natural resource utilization.
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