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It is my pleasure to welcome you to my website.

I concentrate on quality non-commercial and individual Bowhunting Safaris in Namibia, Africa for small groups of bowhunters, hunters with non-hunters and family hunting groups with children wanting to experience the thrill of a Namibian bowhunting safari.

I like to laugh and have fun but believe in hunting hard, utilizing every second and getting results, while ensuring that you the bowhunter get as much enjoyment as possible out of the hunting safari, so if you want to play hard join me for a first class trophy plains game hunt in Namibia.

Experience more of our beautiful country Namibia, than just the actual hunting area.

If you want to fish where the majestic Namib Desert meets the cold Atlantic Ocean with its nutrient-rich waters and unspoiled beaches, I’ll take you there from the novice to the veteran sport angler.

Experience the arid and harsh beauty of Namibia, this vast stretch of land with its wide horizons and endless stretches of desert dunes and rocky plains boasting a wealth of animals and bird life with some of the most unusual plant life to be found anywhere in the world on a customized travel tourism safari with me.

I will personally work on every detail of the Safari ensuring you the best personal service.

Look forward to hearing from you
All the best


Bowhunting Outfitter / Guide for Namibia

VIERANAS   SAFARIS - BowHunt Namibia

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VIER (Four) - ANAS (Ana Trees)

Faidherbia Albida (Acacia Albida)
Ana Boom – Afrikaans
Ana Tree – English
Anabaum - German
Anahais – Damara

FAIDHERBIA ALBIDA is a Protected tree in Namibia.
Distribution: Mainly confined to the banks of rivers and dry riverbeds.
Flowers: Small yellow white florets borne in long spikes, aromatic smell.
Fruit: Yellow brown intertwined seed pod.
Traditional Medical uses: An extract of the bark can be used for treating diarrhoea, bleeding, and infection of the eye and to induce vomiting.

The large seedpods and leaves of the Ana Tree are valuable and nutritious fodder for livestock and wild animals in North-west Namibia. One adult Anatree can yield up to a ton of seed pods per season. From November to January when the adult pods fall from the trees you will often find Giraffe and Kudu in large numbers jostle and fight for these protein and starch rich seed pods. The Desert Elephant ring mark the bark of Ana trees along their migration routes in our area, feeding on the seedpods in summer and green leaves during the Namibian winter months.


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