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All our permanent pit blinds are custom build from natural materials and designed for modern and traditional bow hunters.

The hunting blinds have enough room for at least 2 hunters and their professional hunting guide.

The blinds have one main shooting window with an adjustable peephole curtain and a small, off to the side, window where a camera could film without getting in the way of the shooter.

Inside the ground hides are spacious and fitted with comfortable seating and hooks for you bow and other archery hunting gear.

 vieranas-bow-hide-namibia bowhunter-blind-namibia vieranas-bow-blind-namibia

"GREAT hunting with well thought out and constructed blinds made it a pleasure" Park family

The hides are located at permanent watering points with a maximum shot distances with the bow at 30 yards, most shots are closer than this when the game are relaxed and unaware of the hunter.

Portable blinds are set-up on used game trails in ambush.

We have found the early “Green Season” more favourable for spot and stalk bowhunting while bow hunting over waterholes are more successful in the drier Namibia winter months.

With more than 13 years experience guiding bowhunters and bow hunting himself, Roger designed all the VIERANAS SAFARIS bow hunting blinds and unique broadhead shaped waterholes.

If you have any questions regarding our hunting bow blinds please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

"Roger is an excellent and very knowledgeable Bow PH, they have a great setup with the best bow blinds I have ever hunted" Mick B.

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