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Kindly contact us and we will gladly provide you with a bowhunting reference list and contact details of archery hunters that joined us on their Africa Adventure Bow Hunt and hunting safaris in Namibia.

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Hunt References and Guest Comments from our Hunters Namibia Visitor Book:



Roger & Amelia, you both provided us with an amazing experience we’ll never forget! You and your staff went above and beyond the line of duty.

You have an excellent and smooth running operation.

The hunt was excellent and the memories will last a lifetime. We still have unfinished business. Until next time.



Good friends, fantastic hunt, and wonderful food.

What more can we say

Thank you very much until next time.



Once again my expectations have been exceeded, from the beautiful country to the quality and amount of game along with outstanding service.

I WILL return AGAIN!



We’ve learned a lot of valuable bowhunting expertise. Thank you Roger for sharing your knowledge with us

We’ve had a GREAT Hunt with magnificent trophies.

Thank you Amelia for your hospitality and GREAT Food and accommodation.




I saw lots, I shots lots and got a beautiful Giraffe. Thank you for the advice and thank you trackers for me. Nancy and I both loved Namibia.

Cheers from Canada.



Every part of the experience here at Vieranas was Amazing! The hunting exceeded my expectations and the quality and variety of animals every day was a treat.

Thank you so much Roger for your guidance and for all the stories. Thanks also to Amelia for pleasant conversation and the most amazing meals every single night.

The staff was always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. It was a pleasure watching the guys do their magic on the trail and with the knife, they did a masterful job. Thanks so much for a truly unique Africa/ Namibia experience.



WOW!! Thank you for such a fantastic and enjoyable trip.

Roger, Amelia, Francois and all of the crew made us feel welcome and comfortable. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Helping us through our bowhunting education was such a treat. Thank you again.



Thank you very much for taking care of me on this hunt. It had been so long since I’d been to Africa and I needed to return for so many reasons. I have enjoyed the hunt, the whole hunt. It was great. You provided me with many great opportunities.

You have a wonderful family and I felt that you really cared that I had a good experience. I love Africa very much. Thanks again for everything.



Just as my first trip to Vieranas, this was a wonderful time. Every aspect was Top Notch! The Coomber family, the staff, the hunt area and the wildlife.

I feel that we really have a special friendship with this unique part of the world and its people.

jorge amador-115x150-114x150


I hunted with Vieranas Safaris during April-May. I shot my two warthogs from the blind, not easy tracking after the shots, but good to see the amazing tracking skills from Piet, the bushman tracker of Vieranas Safaris, an amazing experience. Roger is a good PH and Bowhunter that knows a lot about bow equipment and field reparations; he will help you if you have problems with your bow during the hunting safari.

The blinds are excellent, the number of game is high, all wild animals and most important naturally occurring. Roger will walk the extra mile to ensure your trip is the best hunting experience of your life.
All the logistics were perfect from the first moment, transport, food and the work of Amelia in the lodge is wonderful during all the day. I would return, no doubt about this

morris bertanza-150x95


After my first hunt with Vieranas Safaris in 2007, I booked again for 2008 and 2009; with my best African bowhunting friends, my 80 lbs PSE and Roger, I had three wonderful experiences. Challenging hunting with top quality animals. An enormous variety of species available in the bush and not just on the trophy list. You just have to come back to this place and the people, as I did and will do again. Thanks Amelia for all the good food and espresso. Amici Miei



As a novice bow hunter in 2005, I hunted with Roger and found him to be a perfect field companion. He is a great guy to spend the day with and is very knowledgeable about archery. He helped me a lot and I went home with a nice springbok. Accommodations at Vieranas were comfortable and Amelia's cooking is wonderful.

I highly recommend Vieranas safaris.

roger burnham-150x83


Our second trip – As great as the first one in 2006! Another great Experience plus I got my beautiful Hartmann’s Zebra.
Thank you both for not only making my African Dream come true, but for also exceeding every expectation. Roger’s knowledge of Animals, Plants and history made the Safari experience so much better. The hospitality, food and attention by Roger, Amelia and staff could not be any better. Oh what a night!

valerio-cesari-102x150VALERIO CESARI - ITALY

What can I say; I was looking for a real African experience and I found it. In addition, I found a very nice couple like the two of you, Roger and Amelia I will never forget this bowhunt for the rest of my life.

Thank you for everything.

alesandro franco-72x150ALESSANDRO FRANCO - ITALY

I learned from hunting around the world that specialization is the word; I decided to trust Vieranas Safaris because of their bowhunting only area, bowhunting only blinds, staff and PH. I was not disappointed as the specific skills and understanding of Roger in the bush to solving of technical bowhunting problems.
My bow case went lost during the international incoming flight,  and in two hours the Vieranas staff, with their on site pro shop, was able to put me on track again with a full set of gear, and for free and having the confidence in letting me hunt five wonderful animals in one week. These things, in Africa, ARE what make the difference.

paulo furlan-65x150PAULO FURLAN - ITALY

On my first African bowhunting experience, and hunting with a longbow, I was quite doubtful about my hunting success. The first hunting day at Vieranas, I shot and cleanly killed a monster kudu male, scoring just over 56”. The blinds were perfect even using a longbow, as were the vehicles and support. I was never forced to take a shot, and always given vital suggestions in hunting situations. Real African hunting. I count Roger and Amelia as friends.

tim herald-93x150TIM HERALD – USA

Thanks for a wonderful hunt and dream experience. The mountain Zebra rug will remind of the trip every time I look at the rug – as will the huge Eland horns!

We all had great time. Keep slinging those arrows… Thanks!

chip johnson-150x116CHIP JOHNSON - USA

Thank you so much for everything you do to make visiting and hunting your “piece of heaven” a truly memorable experience. I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first trip to Africa, but you put all of my concerns to rest and make Karen and I feel as if we were part of your family. Both of you do a great job in making sure all of the details are taken care of to ensure a more than pleasurable experience. I will always remember my first trip to Africa and thank you both.

karen johnson-119x150KAREN JOHNSON - USA

I cannot say enough about how wonderful you’ve made our first trip to Africa and my first hunt! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It’s so obvious how much you and your staff truly care about your guests.
The experience has been much more than a hunt – experiencing the country and the culture but mostly making new friends.

jure kadjiz-99x150JURE KADJIZ - SLOVENIA

Thank you for the wonderful hunt it was an awesome experience, Roger is a great PH. Thank you, will be back soon.


I had a great hunt and shot almost everything on my list. Roger and Amelia are great hosts. Thanks to my PH Francois. I WILL BE BACK FOR SURE!

don kline-150x130DON KLINE - USA

Roger is an accomplished bowhunter, and his expertise was invaluable. He taught me a lot about African game, and as the PH, he enjoyed the harvest of game as much as I did. The hunt, the accommodations, the, the atmosphere were all exceptional – everything was up to my expectations. Bringing my wife was an excellent choice, she enjoyed the “African” experience as much as I did. 
See you in 2011 on my third hunt with Roger as my PH.

gaylon russell-94x150GAYLON RUSSELL - USA

Roger and Amelia, Thank you so much for the time of my life. The hunt was far and above my expectations. I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to hunt Leopard, much less shoot one. I will always remember the atmosphere in the blind after the shot. It is great to hunt with someone who truly enjoys the hunt as much as I do. The time that we have spent together is priceless. Thank you so very much. Always your Friend.

kathy russell-110x150KATHY RUSSELL – USA

Thank you Roger, Amelia & family! We had a wonderful time and hunt!
Roger has created a new bow-hunting monster in Kathy and Gaylon has reserved a Steenbok for his next and third hunt with you. We will keep in touch and look for the article in SCI and Women Hunters. Until next time may God, keep you all in his loving care.

chris-schultz-119x150CHRIS SCHULTZ - USA

Thank you very much for the great experience. My first time to Africa in 2007 was a very memorable one. We got to see many animals, were successful and had a very fun time. I might be hooked on Africa. I had a very relaxed and enjoyable hunt. Everybody that helped take care of us did a very good job. The meals were very, very good. I am sure that I gained some weight during the stay. I had a good time and thank everybody that helped make my first African hunt a very good one.

Thank you Roger, Amelia, and everyone else at Vieranas for another our second unforgettable bowhunting trip in 2009. Roger thanks for helping me get my Zebra, since you wouldn’t let me get one last time so I would have to come back. You should be happy my dad and I put some meat in the cool room for you. I am real proud of my trophies. This was very successful and lots of fun too! Thank You.

scott-schultz-133x150SCOTT SCHULTZ - USA

I had an unbelievable time, the hunting was great. We saw lots of game. Had opportunities at most species, the hospitality was great and the food. It was a great time and I am looking forward to returning in 2009.

I had a great time AGAIN. Still have two, three, or more critters I need on the wall. I’m afraid to step on the scale when we get home, the food is just too good! Thanks for an unforgettable second hunt.

ray-scott-110x150RAY SCOTT – NEW ZEALAND

Thanks once again Roger and Amelia. This has been my third hunt with you now and it has just got better and better. Great hunting with great people! Every thing I had hoped for and more. Two of the most wonderful people I have ever had the good fortune to meet in my 64 years. I wish you both the best for the future.

Thanks Roger and Amelia

juha soikkelli-121x150JUHA SOIKKELI - FINLAND

I have had a great time again here in Vieranas!

Great animals, blinds, food what else do you need?

Thanks Roger and Amelia for the hospitality.

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