Kindly contact us and we will gladly provide you with a hunting reference list and contact details of archery and rifle hunters that joined us on their Africa Adventure Hunting Safaris in Namibia.

Africa Hunter Testimonials and Guest Comments from our Hunters Namibia Visitor Book:

We wanted a hunt to brag about, we got that and more!! Thank you. The hunt was awesome; it was a great bow hunting experience. The Giraffe was the highlight by far. Your hospitality and food was exceptional. The staff were wonderful and so very kind and helpful. We cannot say enough about Roger and his skills and knowledge.

It is very apparent that it was important that the animals be respected. The whole experience was amazing. We can go back home knowing a lot more about Africa and how very beautiful Namibia is.


What a great hunt! It was so nice to be in camp with other knowledgeable bowhunters. I have enjoyed our conversations regarding all your experience on both the technical side of bows and archery in general, as well as sharing the many bowhunting tips. I took some very nice animals, many gold medal. What a blast. Great hunting, Great food and fantastic people what more can you asked for!


Once again my expectations have been exceeded, from the beautiful country to the quality and amount of game along with outstanding service.

I WILL return AGAIN!


Every part of the experience here at Vieranas was Amazing! The hunting exceeded my expectations and the quality and variety of animals every day was a treat.

Thank you so much Roger for your guidance and for all the stories. Thanks also to Amelia for pleasant conversation and the most amazing meals every single night. The staff was always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. It was a pleasure watching the guys do their magic on the trail and with the knife, they did a masterful job.

Thanks so much for a truly unique Africa/ Namibia experience.