Hunt Team Namibia

ABOUT US - Meet the Team

We are an owner run hunting, fishing and travel company in Namibia, Africa and committed to ensuring each of our clients leave our beautiful country with memories of an exceptional safari., for small groups of hunters, hunters with non-hunters and family hunting groups with children wanting to experience the thrill of a Namibian Safari.

We are pleased to introduce the VIERANAS SAFARIS Team:

The success of a safari is determined by a great number of different factors, from the efficient communication and administrative skills of office staff who are instrumental in the planning stages of the safari to the commitment and dedication of the professional hunters who accompany the client. The attention to detail displayed by the camp staff, and the skills required by skinners and trackers all contribute to our overall success.

ROGER COOMBER - Owner and Outfitter of Vieranas Safaris in Namibia, Africa.
Roger has been guiding hunters since 2003 and is an avid bowhunter and archery instructor in Namibia. Vieranas offers bowhunts on 22,000 acres that is exclusively used for archery as well as on-foot rifle safaris in the Loxodonta Africana, Etosha and Kaoko-Etosha Conservancies.

In addition Roger also guides photographic safaris throughout the country and offer fishing trips on the Atlantic coast. Even though Roger was born in England he knows the country and its history like the back of his hand. He is also a very keen bird watcher.

Roger is qualified in First-aid with certified MET Master Rifle Hunting Guide and MET Professional Bowhunting Guide qualifications. Member of NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunting Association)

AMELIA COOMBER, a born Namibian is the fourth generation on this privately owned land, who oversees the running of the hunt camp and office.

With almost twenty years’ experience in the tourism industry she will be able to answer all your travel related questions.

Amelia is also a passionate Bonsmara beef cattle and Damara sheep farmer.

She is joined in the photo with their three children, the fifth generation calling this beautiful piece of Africa home.

For larger hunt groups we employ fully qualified Namibian hunting guides that are familiar with the hunt areas and general fauna and flora information of each of the hunt concessions as we believe that the total safari experience is just as important as the hunting.

BERNARD – Main Skinner

BENNI & PIET – Tracker/ Drivers

Hunt camp staff

The Vieranas Safaris hunt camp, trophy preparation facilities and safari vehicles are yearly inspected and certified by Namibian law (TPO00157). In addition we are also a Namibian Tourism Board registered Tour and Safari Operator (TSO00194)

Code of Conduct – A Hunters Pledge

Vieranas Safaris hereby pledge to provide the hunting client with a positive and safe hunting experience while ensuring the betterment and preservation of hunting and conservation through:

  • Abiding by the relevant laws and legal requirements of sport hunting in Namibia
  • Recognize and support the principles of fair chase and ethical hunting
  • The use of correct hunting methods and equipment necessary to make the kill as certain and quick as possible
  • Only pursue wild animals existing as a natural interacting member of a sustainable wild population located in a hunt area large enough for it to breed and forage freely with a natural state of balance between forage, predators and prey.
  • Hunt with humility and respect towards either the hunter, the hunted, or the environment

What does the name VIERANAS mean?

VIER(Four) ANAS(Ana Trees)

Faidherbia Albida (Acacia Albida)
Ana Boom – Afrikaans
Ana Tree – English
Anabaum - German
Anahais – Damara

Faidherbia Albida is a protected tree in Namibia.
Distribution: Mainly confined to the banks of rivers and dry riverbeds.
Flowers: Small yellow white florets borne in long spikes, aromatic smell.
Fruit: Yellow brown intertwined seed pod.
Traditional Medical uses: An extract of the bark can be used for treating diarrhoea, bleeding, and infection of the eye and to induce vomiting.

The large seedpods and leaves of the Ana Tree are valuable and nutritious fodder for livestock and wild animals in North-west Namibia.

One adult Anatree can yield up to a ton of seed pods per season. From November to January when the adult pods fall from the trees you will often find Giraffe and Kudu in large numbers jostle and fight for these protein and starch rich seed.

VIERANAS SAFARIS believe to give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity.