Trophy Taxidermy in Namibia



vieranas-safaris-namibia-tag-trophy-taxidermyIn camp all your trophies will be measured, documented and clearly tagged, skins washed, dry salted and disinfected, skulls are cleaned using the maceration method which involves soaking the skull in water in order to allow natural bacteria break down the bond between the tissues. Once your hunting trophies are properly dried we deliver to the Trophy Taxidermy in Namibia of your choice, this service is free of charge.

All trophies are delivered to a Trophy Taxidermy in Namibia, who will disinfect and pack your trophies for shipping or prepare, tan and mount your trophies to your specifications.

Trophies for dip & ship are cleaned and bleached by a taxidermist as no meat or fat may occur on any skulls and no juices from horns may occur. Trophies must remain in Namibia for a minimum of 90 days before shipping. No raw trophy skins and/or skulls can be exported without being dried and treated in Namibia.



The Namibian Taxidermist will require a deposit for Full body or shoulder animal mounts and European skull mount trophies before commencing with the taxidermy work, the full amount is due before they deliver the completed and packed crate to the shipper in Windhoek.

All crates for shipping your trophies from Namibia must be constructed from processed wood - no natural wood may be exported.

African souvenirs and curios made from wood are allowed to be exported with your trophies in the same crate.

Trophies from bow hunters that are unrelated, in other words with different surnames, can not be packed together in one crate for the USA. To date this is not a regulation for any European countries.

A mix of mounted trophies and trophies that are only prepared for dipping & shipping are allowed to be crated together.

All warthog-related products must be packed in a separate box, inside the main box of trophies. No skeletons of animals can be exported - only skulls, horns and skins.

Trophies that may not be exported from Namibia:Trophy-Taxidermy-Namibia-Vieranas

  • All kinds of snakes or reptiles, non-huntable game birds and game animals that are not permitted on a Ministry of Environment (MET) trophy-hunting permit.
  • Leopard, Lion and Cheetah caught in snares, cages and hunted with dog packs or which does not have the appropriate tags and photographs signed by the hunter.

VIERANAS ADVENTURE SAFARIS will gladly assist our trophy hunters in the event of a complaint but can unfortunately not accept any responsibility for damage or loss after your field prepared trophies were signed over to the Taxidermy or Shipping freight agent in Namibia, Africa.

Namibia Professional Hunters Association - Trophy Medals


The NAPHA medals program was established not only to reward the hunting client with an award for the trophies harvested in Namibia, but also as a source of revenue for NAPHA to use for the various ongoing projects important to future hunting.

The NAPHA medal measuring system is based on the Safari Club International (SCI) measuring system i.e. the sum length of both horns and both circumferences at the base.

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